Juliano Teruel is an elite athlete that raced professionally for many years.  

Originally from Brazil, he was a national champion swimmer at the age of 16, later becoming an Olympic hopeful for his country.  

Juliano made a quick transition to cycling and running and became a top ironman finisher at age 22. He then moved to short distance triathlons and raced all over the world for years while coaching. 

He has been prominently featured worldwide as an elite athlete and coach.

Some of Juliano's accomplishments includes a National Championship in the Sprint Distance Triathlon  with the time of 55minutes. As a Coach he was 2 Times Olympic and Sprint World Champion, 2nd place at 70.3 Ironman World Championships and 8 Times Ironman Champion.


Personal Coaching 

Our team offers very personal treatment both through online programs and personal sessions. 

Whether you are a beginner or very athletic,  we will customize workout plans based on your ability. We will evaluate each individual before we begin working together.

Let's set goals with real purpose, TOGETHER!


Juliano works with all level triathletes, and offers online programs or face to face training sessions.  

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, we can help you meet all your fitness needs when it comes to swimming, cycling, running, and triathlons. 

Group Workouts

Workouts run at the same time and same location every week. 

Click the "GROUP WORKOUTS" tab above to see which class you would like to attend.

Contact Juliano to save your spot, or just show up to see how the class works. We welcome all levels, and will adjust workout to fit your own athletic abilities. 

Come by for a healthy and great experience. 

Business Team Building

Engaged employees are more productive and motivated – they produce higher quality work, take fewer sick days, and stay with your company longer. The bottom line is undeniable – engaged employees mean more profitable, better performing companies.

Learn More: Click "Business Team Building" Tab Above.


Juliano Teruel guarantees results when you follow his lead and instructions. 

Personal advice from a professional TEAM that really knows best. 



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